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Digital Marketing Company Vadodara

9 in 10 population in India are using social media.  Some are present on Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin and some are just on Facebook. Digital marketing helps you to show your profile to customers that can possibly take your product or that are going to take your product. Users are growing on these social media by 40% annually and so this has created a vast scope of business.  Choosing Techno Mantra for a Digital Marketing Company in Vadodara can help you gain a hand over your competitors. We provide below digital products:-

Weekly basis update

Get Visitors analysis 

Setup Conversion to track output

Keeps on emailing the customers until sales is done

Our Digital Marketing Style

Understanding scope

First step is to understand scope of your business, target audiance and client expectation


After understanding the scope we then create a roadmap to success by dividing the work


We allote best men at work. We start work after competitors analysis and this help us understand your category

Service allotment

In digital marketing we provide many work, we first try to understand your scope and then we deploy our specialised Digital marketing service

Conversion Tracking

We place our conversion tracking script on each and every action on website. This help us to know behaviour of your customer


We meet clients on monthly basis and analyze the output done by our Digital Marketing Service. We then do optimization of ads as per need

Our Digital Marketing Services Details

Google ADwords

Are you looking for output right from the next day? Looking for new customers and clients? Looking to expand Your Business in Some other Country? Then Google AdWords is best for your business, to take this service you should go with a certified company, We are a Certified Google Ads Service Provide.

We provide Digital marketing below features..


1 year Service
Keyword Research
Conversion Tracking
Optimizing conversions

Organic SEO

There is nothing better than organic SEO, Ofcource takes time to rank on google but it’s worth waiting for. This plan is for long term. We do optimise site for Google ranking.. Please check out more info in below button.

Email Marketing

We have designed inhouse Email marketing application. Where your all gmail ids gets integrated to send the email. You do not need any third party email marketing SMPT service. Everything is included in it. You will have peace of mind while sending the emails. List will have all emails and you just need to create a drag and drop design of your email marketing campaign and simply send. Email marketing application will have following features:-

Create Multiple lists..

Tracking emails


Send your profile details to companies